Equipment Rental


Rent any single piece, or a combination of photography equipment. Add a lens to Medium format order. These rentals outside our studio packages are priced per calendar day (0-24 hrs)

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Rent a photography equipment, or any combination. Rentals outside our studio package are priced per calendar day. If you are renting our studio too, choose a package instead. Contact us to customize your rental. Hasselblad cameras rental must add a default 80mm lens.

Additional information

Medium Format Camera

None, X1D, H6D, H5D, ALL

DSLR Cameras

None, Nikon D850, Nikon D810, Nikon D800E, 2 Cameras


None, Hasselblad, Nikon

Lighting Systems

None, Broncolor, Interfit, Godox, video lights, Photo & video

Radio Controls

None, System specific, Universal (PocketWizard), ALL


None, Broncolor paras, Sunbounce, Other brands, ALL


None, Foldable, Tie Dye Muslin, Solid & Chroma key, Paper, Vinyl, ALL


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